Wen-xue ZHANG
      Professor, Department of Food Engineering, College of Light Industry, Sichuan University Professor, Dean, School of Liquor-making Engineering, Sichuan University Jinjiang College Head Teacher, Resources for Food and Biotechnology of Key Subject “Nutrition and Food Hygiene”, Sichuan University Leader in Backup, Academia Tech Leader, Sichuan Province Professional, Food Safety Advisory Committee, Sichuan Province Consultant, Quality and Safety of Food Production and Processing, Sichuan Province Consultant, Scientific Committee of AQSIS, Sichuan Province Commissioner, Microbial Academic Committee of Energy Key Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture Deputy Secretary-General, Institute of Food Science and Technology Council, Sichuan Province Executive Director, Distilled Spirits Association, Sichuan Province Deputy Chief, Microbial Group of Liquor Expert Committee Commissioner, Development Research Group of Liquor Expert Committee Council, The Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor Industry Association, Sichuan Province Guest Professor, Kaili College, Guizhou Province Senior Specialist, National Technology Center of JianNanChun

Zhengyun Wu

Associate Professor
     PhD, Biological Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University
食品生态工程与生物技术研究室    E-mail:foodecoengineering@163.com