Overseas Study
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Overseas Study
Up to now, 15 graduates and postgraduates in the field of brewing have been sent abroad for studying, 10 to Japan and 5 to Korea. In 2003, grade 2000 master Liu Chunli went to Japan studying for a doctor’s degree in area of enzyme preparation. In 2004, grade 2001 master Xiang Wenliang went to Japan for a short-term training in molecular biology research. In 2005, grade 2002 master Qiao Zongwei went to Japan engaged in short-term training in molecular biology research. In October 2005, Ms Zhang Liying was invited by Professor Kenji Kida in Kumamoto University to attend a short-term training at Kumamoto University, Japan. In March 2010, graduate student Tan Li visited Japan Kumamoto University for biomass conversion research. In November 2013, graduate students Li Li and Yi Xin went to Japan for a short course study on starter ferment wine preparation process and composition analysis of common research in Kagoshima University In December 2013, graduate students Liu Chaolan, Luo Fang, Chen Zhe attended the 8th International Students High-Tech Forum held at Kumamoto University, Japan, and gave a presentation entitled Real-time PCR for quantification of the genus Aminobacterium in pit mud.

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