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Date:2010/11/6 19:24:36
1)Analysis of the bacterial community in aged and aging pit mud of Chinese Luzhou-flavour liquor by combined PCR-DGGE and quantitative PCR assay. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
2)Development of Panax quinquefolius Yaoqu and Panax quinquefolius Sake and determination of ginsenosides Rg1, Rb1 and Re in both samples by HPLC-MS/MS. European Food Research and Technology.2014, 239(1):137-147(SCI)
3)Comparison between bacterial diversity of aged and aging pit mud from Luzhou-flavor liquor distillery. Food Science and Technology Research.2014, 120(30):253-261(SCI)
4)Monitoring of prokaryotic diversity in pit mud from Luzhou-flavor liquor distillery and evaluation of two predominant archaea by using qPCR assays. Journal of the Institute of Brewing. 2014 ,20(4):867-873(SCI)
5)Production of bio-fuel ethanol from distilled grain waste eluted from Chinese spirit making process.Bioprocess Biosyst Eng. 2014, 37(10):2031-2038(SCI)
6)Step enzymatic hydrolysis of sodium hydroxide pretreated Chinese liquor distillers’ grains for ethanol production.Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology. 2014, 44(5):464-479(SCI)
7)Clostridium swellfunianum sp. nov., a novel anaerobic bacterium isolated from the pit mud of Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor production.Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.2014, 106(4):817-825(SCI)
8)Pretreatment of Rice Straw Using a Butanone or an Acetaldehyde Dilute Solution Explosion for Producing Ethanol.Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2012, 166:1856–1870(SCI)
9)Investigating the effects of two lignocellulose degradation by-products (furfural and acetic acid) on ethanol fermentations by six ethanologenic yeast strains .African Journal of Biotechnology. 2010, 9(50): 8661-8666(SCI)
10)Analysis of the fungi community in multiple- and single-grains Zaopei from a Luzhou-flavor liquor distillery in western China. World J Microbiol Biotechnol. 2011, 27(8): 1869-1874(SCI)
11)Combination of newly developed high quality Fuqu with traditional Daqu for Luzhou-flavor liquor brewing .World J Microbiol Biotechnol. 2009, 25:1721-1726(SCI)
12)Developing New Sacchariferous Starters for Liquor Production Based on Functional Strains Isolated from the Pits of Several Famous Luzhou-flavor Liquor Brewers.J. Inst. Brew, 2009, 115(2):111-115(SCI)
13)Design and Operation on Artificial Pit for the Fermentation of Chinese Liquor.J. Inst. Brew. 2007, 113(4):374-380(SCI)
14)Analysis of the Fungal Community in Zaopei During Production of Chinese Luzhou-flavor Liquor.J. Inst. Brew. 2007, 113(1):21-27(SCI)
15)Analysis of the Bacterial Community in Zaopei During Production of Chinese Luzhou-flavor Liquor.J. Inst. Brew. 2005, 111(2):215-222(SCI)
16)Biodiesel from Waste Pig Skin Oil – A Two-step Process.Journal of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists, 2009, 93:149-151(SCI)
17)Fungal diversity analysis of fermented grains of Luzhou flavor liquor. Journal of Sichuan University (engineering), 2006, 38 (5) : 97-101 (EI)
18)Analysis of bacterial community of Luzhou flavor Liquor fermented grains with PCR technology.Journal of Sichuan University (engineering), 2005, 37 (5) : 82-87 (EI)
19)Study on the chemical substances and the change of rules in fermented grains of Luzhou flavor liquor.Journal of Sichuan University (engineering), 2005, 37 (4) : 44-48 (EI)
20)Analysis of characteristics and phylogenetic of Prokaryotic microorganisms of China luzhou-flavor white wine cellar. Journal of Sichuan University (engineering), 39-2005, 37 (1) : 42 (EI)
21)Study on liquid fermentation technology of acid resistant liquefying and saccharifying enzyme.Journal of Sichuan University (engineering), 2003, 35 (2) : 87-91 (EI)
22)A comparison of different dilute solution explosions pretreatment for conversion of distillers"grains into ethanol.Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology2013, 43(1): 1-21(SCI)
23)Gasification of Petrochemical Sludge in Supercritical Water for Hydrogen Production.Oxidation Communications2015,Vol.38(1):175-182(SCI)
24)Analysis of the bacterial community in aged and aging pit mud of Chinese Luzhou-flavour Liquor by combined PCR-DGGE and quantitative PCR assay.Journak of the Science of Food and Agriculture,2015,Vol.95,No.13(2015),p27 29-35.(SCI)
25)Microbial safety and sensory quality of instant low-salt Chinese paocai.Food Control
26)Development of a real-time PCR for quantifiction of the family Syntrophomonadaceae in pit mud from Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor distilleries.Journal of the Institute of Brewing2015,Vol.21(1):155-162(SCI)

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